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What is Agents Invest?

Agents Invest is a referral-based real estate investment brokerage based in Seattle, Washington. Jennifer Beadles founded Agents Invest in 2016.

We act as a referral-based brokerage. That means we don't recruit agents! Quite the opposite. We want you to stay where you, so we can send you referral clients. We provide a valuable service to real estate investors looking to build or expand upon their rental portfolios. We connect our investor clients with agents like you from coast-to-coast.

I'm an investment-savvy agent! How do I become a referral partner?

We are always looking for investment-savvy agents in markets our investors want to invest in. We call these referral partners "Agent Partners." Visit our agent page for details on the process. If you are ready to apply to be an Agent Partner, submit an application here.

Will you help walk me through the process of buying a property out-of-state?

While we are not able to work one-on-one with every investor and agent, we do believe it is important to be educated when investing in real estate, and that's why we we have the Investor Agent Academy for agents and the ROI Inner Circle for investors. 

I have another question, who do I contact?

If you have any questions that we haven't answered here, you can get in touch with us using the form below or sending us an email at

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