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Learn how to work with buy-and-hold investors and go pending in 30 days or less!

Which program is right for you?

You want to concentrate on your real estate sales business, earn six figures working with investor clients, and gain access to hundreds of investors.

You want to master the art of investment property analysis. Get expert help with your deals, a networking community of like-minded people, and the contacts you need to succeed.

Why working with investor clients is your secret sauce for 2024...

Consistent income no matter what is happening in the market

Recurring leads and repeat clients who close multiple properties a year

No more open houses, cold calling, or door knocking

Earn commission income while you learn about investing

Consider this your MBA in real estate investing (without the student loan debt)

Our proven 3 pillar framework has given hundreds of agents the strategies needed to breathe new life into their businesses and experience the kind of growth that catapulted them toward profit and impact.

The framework includes recorded video content on the three steps to becoming an investor agent. 

What's included in the Investor Agent Bootcamp Course?


In this step, you will learn how to quickly and confidently analyze four different types of investment opportunities, understand what information you need to gather, the basics of residential financing, and more! 


In this step, you will learn multiple lead generation strategies for finding viable investment properties for your investor clients. By the end of this stage, you will have a system for sending at least ten investment properties every week to your investor list.


In this stage, you will learn how to build a database of real estate investors who will purchase multiple properties every year, refer you to their friends & co-workers, and work exclusively with you.


In this section, you will learn the systems and processes to close more investment property sales while working fewer hours. We cover topics such as developing an investor resource list, transaction coordination checklists, how to leverage yourself and scheduling investor consults.


We're excited to offer our alumni lifetime access to our private Facebook Community and the opportunity to stay connected and continue learning.. Our group allows agents to share wins, ask questions, and take advantage of new training opportunities we offer on a regular basis. As part of our group, you'll enjoy exclusive access to top industry professionals, discounts on products and services, and much more. The community is extremely supportive and helps everyone stay motivated and on track. If you're looking for a way to connect with other like-minded individuals and get the most out of your Bootcamp experience, join today!


Mike Swenson, Minneapolis, MN Bootcamp Alumni

Meet Your Coach


Jennifer is the founder and CEO of Agents Invest, a Seattle-based investment focused real estate brokerage.

She has sold over $250 million in real estate in her 12 years in the industry, closes 200+ referral transactions per year, has built 15 new construction homes, and completed more than 20 flips. She currently owns just under 280 rental units spread across 8 states.

Most importantly, Jennifer has mastered the art of growing a seven-figure business while living her best life and putting family first. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys traveling around the world with her family and spending summers adventuring around Europe.

What would it look like if you could close an extra 2-5 transactions a month with investors..?


A few success stories from Agents we've worked with....

Investor Agent Bootcamp Member


"Investor Agent Bootcamp has given me confidence to become a better investor agent. It's the best decision I ever made! Highly recommend it! You will learn a lot especially as a new agent. I can now identify my investors better and categorize them based on their needs. The thing I enjoy most about participating in the program is the support I get as a new agent. I wanted to learn from the best… Jennifer Beadles is such an intelligent and genuine person. I understand how she became who she is now."

Investor Agent Bootcamp Member


“I’ve been an agent for only 3 months. Before joining the Investor Agent Bootcamp, I knew I wanted to work with investors but didn't know how or where to start. I only had 1 investor in my database before this course and now l have almost 100 investor clients in my MeetUp groups! Thank you so much for providing so much value. This education has been priceless. Working with investors will skyrocket me to success far more quickly than only working with regular buyers and sellers. Thank you!!"

Investor Agent Bootcamp Member

build a solid network of REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS

“Before starting the Investor Agent Bootcamp, my biggest problems were deciding on the best activities to focus on to generate investor business. I had a lot of confusion and overwhelm on how to best proceed. Now I have greater focus on those appropriate activities and increased confidence on how to best communicate with investors. I’m actively adding investors to my database and meeting with professionals (property managers / wholesale agents) to help increase and better prepare me for investor business. Building a good team! Thank you so much! I hope to have lifelong prosperous / mutually beneficial / fun / rewarding relationships with everyone involved. :blush: The Bootcamp will provide you with the tools and connections necessary to be successful working with investors."


Investor Agent Bootcamp Member

outpace your peers and more experienced agents

“In early January I had just left my corporate job and I had to watch expenses since I was the primary bread winner for our family of 4. Looking back, I was terrified trying to figure out how I would distinguish myself from the other 80K RE agents in AZ. I jumped in and did everything exactly as Jennifer teaches. I felt momentum and my confidence begin to grow as I had formed the daily habit of evaluating deals and growing my brand. As soon as March hit I ended up going under contract on 6 deals. I am outpacing a lot of my peers and agents that have been in the industry for years. There is no way I could have done this without going through the Bootcamp and joining AI. The team and community are incredible, and I plan on paying it forward to others as I grow. Thank you, AI Team!"

Let’s Sum It Up - Here’s Everything Included In Your Investment

Our self-paced three step investor agent course framework [$10,000 value]

4 deal analysis calculators for you to brand [buy-and-hold, BRRR, House hack, and Short-Term Rental [$100 value]

A community of investor agents with 24/7 access to a private Facebook Group [priceless!]

Done for you resources and templates [$2,000 value]

Investor lead capture template, deal pitch template and 9 months worth of meetup topics [$1,000 value]

Checklists, scripts and resources [$2,000 value]

Pitch your deals to our investor community [priceless!]

Lifetime access to content to get started building your investor business [priceless!]

Total Investor Agent Academy Value: $23,000+




Corey P.

Milwaukee Agent

"Working with Jennifer Beadles and her team has been great. It has allowed me to build a solid network of out of state buyers. This has been great for helping me sell listings much quicker. I've met a lot of great clients and the process couldn't be any easier."

Mike G.

Bootcamp Member

“I put in my first 3 offers today from Agents Invest!! I am beyond excited about this and very happy that my boss found you and that you allow me to submit properties.”


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Who is this course for?

Real estate agents who:

  • Want to work with investor clients
  • Want to work less hours and make more money
  • Need to work less nights and weekends
  • Have an interest in investing or who own rental properties personally - the ability to earn why you learn is a great reason to work with investor clients

I am a new agent. Is the Bootcamp right for me?

Yes! We will show you how to analyze deals even if you have never analyzed rental properties before. This is a great way for a new agent to set themselves apart from the competition.

I have been in real estate for years but have not worked with many investors. Is this for me?

Yes! Seasoned real estate agents will gain a lot from the Bootcamp. You will take what you have learned over the years and build upon that.

How long will I have access to the content?

You will have lifetime access to the content, and our private Facebook Group where Jennifer and team will be answering questions and sharing up to date content.

Is all of the content available straight away or is it time-released (drip fed)?

You get instant access to our 3 pillar framework and all the course videos inside the Bootcamp! No waiting for content to be released to you, just jump in and start making use of the training straight away. 

Why should I want to work with investors?

We think working with investors is easier. They take less time, so you can work less hours and make more money. Click here to read 5 Reasons Why Working with Investors is Best for Business

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